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Thorough Investigation Wins Criminal Cases

When I first meet with a client (AH) to discuss his case, I never know what the outcome of the case was going to be. I usually have an idea of a likely outcome, high hopes for a positive outcome and the client’s idea of a desired outcome. What I do know is that many criminal cases require investigation by the defense. This usually requires utilizing an experienced private investigator. One of the problems with hiring a good PI is that they are expensive. Client’s often often don’t have or don’t want to spend extra money to pay the PI, …

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Immigration Problems

Recently a client (A.G.) came to me after he had been arrested and charged with possession narcotics. Normally, this is not a big deal for a criminal defense attorney. In A.G.’s case, he was not a United States citizen. He couldn’t plead guilty to a felony and do a drug program. His immigration lawyer told him this would have devastating effects on his immigration status. We decided to set the case for trial. The prosecutor and the judge were very upset that AG didn’t want to plead guilty and they were likewise upset that I didn’t want to try and …

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News You Can Use About Expunging Criminal Convictions

TO EXPUNGE OR NOT TO EXPUNGE? THAT IS THE QUESTION. The answer is yes. But, why? You have put your small lapse in judgment behind you. Yes, you were convicted of a crime. It might have been a misdemeanor or felony, and you successfully completed the entire period of probation. You have heard people talk about expunging your record. Maybe your lawyer mentioned it. Maybe someone else said something about erasing or sealing your criminal history. Here in California, we can only seal arrest records for juveniles after they turn eighteen and are crime free. As for adults, there is no …

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Bail and the Bail System: From Arrest to Exoneration

The dreaded event occurs…you or someone you love is arrested. Police take him to the station ask him a few identifying questions and take his picture and fingerprints. One of two things will normally happen next. Police can either give him a ticket and tell him when to show up for court or they can set bail and let him sit in jail until bail gets “posted”. For minor violations like a DUI, or where the bail amount is low, an arrestee may just get released after signing a promise to return to court when told. However, if your loved …

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