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Result: 3 infractions &summary probation w/ 5 days work.

A. C. – Ventura hit and run, 2 drunk in publics, and driving on a suspended license while on felony probation in LA County

Result: Speeding Ticket.

A.A. – Fourth DUI with refusal in Fresno.

Result: 3 infractions and summary probation with 5 days work.

Ventura 2 drunk in publics, hit and run and driving on a suspended license, all while on felony probation for ADW.

Result: Exhibition of Speed.

A.S. – Second offense DUI in Metro, .24 BAC.

Result: Two strikes stricken, no jail, six months residential treatment.

A.V. – Van Nuys, third strike, felon in possession of a stolen firearm and possession of heroin.

Result: Probation and one year in county jail.

A.W. – Conspiracy to commit attempted murder of police officer in Lancaster.

Result: 120 days house arrest.

B.S. – Downey five counts of annoying/molesting children.

Result: Dismissed after 12 anger management classes.

C.H. – Arrested for Assault with Deadly Weapon in Pasadena.

Result: Probation and house arrest.

C.O. – Attempted kidnapping, False Imprisonment and ADW in Los Angeles.

Result: Not guilty on all charges.

D. H. – Special circumstances murder and 3 counts of attempted murder, gang allegation, personal use of a firearm.

Result: Dismissed after filing Suppression Motion.

D.B. – Second DUI Ventura, .13 Blood alcohol.


D.M. – Two DUI’s within one week, both with alcohol and drugs.

Result: Dismissal.

D.S. – Felony domestic violence while on probation for DUI, both in Ventura.

Probation, 60 days jail and community service.

D.W. – Van Nuys arson with strike prior.

Result: Dismissed after filing Suppression Motion.

DB – Dismissed after filing suppression motion.

Result: No jail, probation and house arrest.

E.Z. – Possession of heroin in state prison Los Angeles County.

Result: Not Guilty on all charges.

J.F. – Third strike, in prison, sodomy, kidnap, false imprisonment, assault.

Result: Misdemeanor with work release.

J.R. – Felony evading arrest Ventura, 140 MPH police pursuit on US 101.

Result: Misdemeanor DUI with no jail, probation.

J.T – San Bernardino DUI with solo rollover traffic collision, .13 BAC, driving and juvenile passenger hospitalized (broken arm)

Result: Full dismissal.

JH – CCB Felon (two prior felonies – one with state prison suspended) in possession of a firearm.

Result: Dismissed after suppression motion.

K.M. – Possession of Methamphetamine in Malibu.

Result: Probation with 300 hours community service.

L.T. – $265,000 Check fraud Van Nuys.

Result: Dismissed after suppression motion.

M.A. – Possession of marijuana for sale, thousands in cash and multiple firearms in Lancaster.

Result: 1 point infraction and $100 fine.

M.B. – DUI on Federal Military reservation, .08 BAC with open container in car.

Result: Probation with 30 days community service

M.G. – $13,000 Felony check fraud Los Angeles.

Result: No jail, residential treatment and house arrest

M.L. – Transportation of cocaine and third DUI in Van Nuys.

Result: Probation with restitution.

M.W. – One of the largest welfare fraud cases in Los Angeles County history.

Result: Dismissed after preliminary hearing.

P.L – Assault with deadly weapon w/ GBI enhancement in Ventura.

Result: Credit time served after hung jury trial

R.M. – Second strike sales of narcotics in Los Angeles.

Result: No jail, 120 days residential treatment

R.R. – Third DUI San Bernardino County, .20 blood alcohol by blood test.

Result: Dismissed after motion to suppress evidence

S.M. – Case 1: Possession of cocaine and prostitution Van Nuys.

Result: Dismissal.

S.S. – This was the largest single incident of worker’s compensation fraud in Los Angeles County history.

Result: No jail, fine and alcohol school only.

T.K. – Two DUIs in San Fernando, two weeks apart, one with a BAC of .22.

Result: Dismissed at jury trial date.

W. W. – Domestic battery in Van Nuys.