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Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence occurs frequently across the San Fernando Valley, with many families torn apart by the aftermath. Domestic violence includes any act of aggression against a family member, such as a spouse, child, relative or partner. Often there can be events in a family that trigger some form of aggression that result in a call to the police. This could ultimately end up with you being arrested or charged for domestic violence, when in fact it may have been an argument and an accusation of violence in retribution.

Because domestic violence calls are seen as some of the most dangerous to respond to by police officers, these types of charges are taken very seriously by law enforcement in the San Fernando Valley and Van Nuys areas. You can expect aggressive investigation and prosecution by law enforcement and therefore will need to retain a professional Van Nuys criminal lawyer who can skillfully represent you against these charges.

Domestic Violence Penalties

You will require a strong defense in order to keep from being convicted if you have been charged with domestic violence. A conviction could severely impact your life, including:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Mandatory anger management rehabilitation
  • Even prison time

The consequences could also result in you being labeled a sexual predator, if any sexual violence was involved, in addition to possibly losing your parental rights. Did you know that any conviction for domestic violence will cost you your right to own or possess a firearm for the rest of your life? That’s right. Not only will a DV conviction cost you your right to own a firearm for ten years under state law, but under federal law, it will cost your gun ownership rights for life. If your lawyer did not tell you this, you should call our offices today.

Some of the types of domestic violence charges we can defend you for include:

  • Domestic Battery
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Neglect or Child Endangerment
  • Spousal Rape
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Criminal Threats
  • Vandalism

Don’t delay in contacting the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens immediately after being charged. You freedom and future depend on retaining a criminal defense lawyer who cares about his clients and knows how to aggressively pursue a strong defense.

Skilled Domestic Violence Attorney in San Fernando Valley & Van Nuys

We pride ourselves on effective preparation and investigation of each and every case we undertake. When you hire our services, you can feel confident you will have a knowledgeable and experienced domestic violence attorney who has helped hundreds of clients over the past 22 years. Contact our office today to find out what we can do for you.

Don’t risk losing your right to own firearms forever. That’s right, under federal law if you are convicted of ANY domestic violence crime, even a misdemeanor, you can never own a gun again. Call us today.

Have you been accused of domestic violence? Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens for aggressive and caring legal counsel.