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After practicing law for over 20 years, Mr. Vallens decided to go back to school with his wife, Jennifer. Graduates of The University of California Davis, Mediation Training program, Jeff and Jennifer are both certified California mediators.

Jeff’s work experience, major jury trial experience, family experience, and general life experience give him incite into many types of disputes and continue to provide him with creative and effective means to resolve these disputes.

Jennifer’s work experience in the music industry, marketing, human resources, chess, and much more give her a unique perspective on conflict resolution. Her years of yoga practice, teaching and training keep her grounded through even the most grueling interpersonal exchanges.

Having presided over thousands of bench trials, participated in countless jury trial, bench trials, preliminary hearings as well as mediations and arbitrations, Mr. Vallens has the real-world experience to resolve cases.  He does this in a non-confrontational manner and does not work for any other companies who profit from his time. Therefore, his mediations or settlement conferences are both pleasant and cost effective.

Courts are clogged, trials are expensive and time consuming.  Any honest lawyer will tell you that they have lost trials they should have won as well as won trials they should have lost. Trials are always a risk. The right mediation services solve all these problems.  Facilitative mediations are both effective and ameliorative. Mediations provide an inexpensive and safe forum for clients to voice their positions.  The right mediator will help satisfy your client’s need to be heard and parley that need into opportunity. We can do this without the expense, stress, and aggravation of trial.

Many clients resent being told what to do by an aggressive neutral who tries to bully them into resolution.  Rather, facilitative mediation uses client’s own input, emotions, and desires, and utilizes their active participation as a means to obtain a mutually beneficial settlement opportunity.

Many disputes do not have the dollar value which warrants spending thousands of dollars on a neutral from a Century City ADR company. Some of the most challenging disputes involve issues other than money like familial matters or workplace disagreements. Many issues have monetary values of an amount making them uneconomical to litigate. Nobody wants to spend a week or more in a downtown courtroom. This is where we come in.

Our minimum fee for single mediator is $350 per hour with a four hour minimum: $1,400 total. The fee is normally split between the two sides but by agreement can be paid by either side. We require written mediation briefs at least three business days prior to the first session. We mandate that ALL decision makers be present with full settlement authority before commencing any mediation. We require that all principals participate in the mediation.

Mediations can be live in one of my offices or can be conducted remotely. By prior arrangement, Mr. Vallens can come to you. Hourly charges will apply to travel time. Pre-mediation case evaluations can be conducted at the same hourly rate.

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