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Local Resources in Southern California

This page was created to provide some local resources that may be of help to my clients and other visitors. In our 22 years of practicing criminal defense and DUI defense in California we have established long and beneficial relationships with a variety of people and agencies in related fields.

Substance abuse treatment programs:

Salvation Army provides excellent and low or no cost residential drug and alcohol treatment programs throughout California and the Country. Personally, I have seen many of my client’s achieve fabulous results through long term care at Salvation Army programs in California. The program is tough, but the benefits of success make it worth it.

Grandview Foundation is another extremely successful and affordable rehabilitation program which offers residential and outpatient treatment as well as a great live-in and work-out program that has been very popular and effective for my clients.

Cri-Help is a very well respected local program that offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation options as well. They offer in and out-patient treatment and are a court/probation approved provider.

There are hundreds of good drug and alcohol treatment programs in the Southern California area. I have always felt that the best program is the one that works for you. If you need help finding a program that is right for you, I recommend contacting Dan Cronin or his staff at Assessment Intervention Resources. AIR Alternatives has been finding and placing people in appropriate programs for years. They work with and can often be appointed by the court to find a suitable rehabilitation program for their clients. They work with hundreds of programs throughout this and other states which range from free to tens of thousands per month and anything in between.

Pasadena Recovery Center is one of the few well respected dual-diagnosis programs in the area. The program is owned and operated by a psychiatrist who is intimately acquainted with treating patients suffering from simultaneous mental health and substance abuse problems.

Other Programs as Applicable:

For many years, Behavioral Management Group has run a very successful program for theft related offenders. I have worked closely with owner/counselor Denise Parrillo since early on in my practice. She is very well respected by the courts of Los Angeles County and truly cares about helping her clients. In recent years, BMG offers services in other areas as well as their mainstay of theft avoidance counseling.

If you plan to visit or work in Canada and have suffered a criminal conviction in California or any of the United States, you may have trouble with Canadian immigration officials. I highly recommend attorney Marc LaForce for any legal issues regarding Canadian immigration or emigration.

If you have been ordered by the court to attend a mandatory alcohol/drinking driver program, the following lists may be of help: Please note that only approved providers count for the court.

Los Angeles First Offender Programs:

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