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Bail Hearings and Posting Bond in the San Fernando Valley

If you have been arrested and charged, your case may require that you post bail if to be allowed to return to your family and home. Spending time in a holding cell or county jail is a horrible experience. A bail hearing allows the judge to set the amount of bail that will be required for you to be released. This is such an important matter that you can’t take any chances with it, or you could spend months awaiting trial, or longer, based upon the case. Call the Law Offices of Jeffery Vallens for information about legal representation for bail hearings. Our ability to advocate for a reasonable amount of bail could allow you to be released pending trial.

How Bail is Determined in San Fernando Valley

The amount of bail that is required to set you free awaiting trial is based upon the severity of the offense, whether misdemeanor or felony, and the determination by the court regarding whether you are a flight risk. Your criminal record also comes into play, and whether you have ever missed a court date or had a bench warrant issued against you for failing to appear. Generally, the prosecutor will want to keep you behind bars if possible, particularly in serious felonies. There is a bail schedule that the judge refers to when making this decision, but any judge has a great deal of leeway with regard to this decision. It is imperative that you have legal representation from a highly skilled trial lawyer to present your case and seek a reasonable amount of bail that can be afforded by you or your family, so you can be released pending trial.

You will likely need to contact a bail bondsman so that bond can be posted and you can be set free. If you fail to appear at your next scheduled court appearance, your bail will be forfeited. If you believe the amount of bail requested by the court is unfair, our firm can request a hearing to reduce the bail amount. The ability to pay, as well as the severity of the crime that it is alleged that you committed are all part of the process. It may be necessary to show your ties to the community, financial issues that make it impossible to pay the amount requested, and other facts about you in order for the court to consider reducing a bail amount. We are a professional San Fernando Valley criminal defense law firm, and we can help you with any issue regarding bail. Never enter the courtroom without legal representation, or you could find yourself stuck in jail, with no hope of getting out until your trial is completed.

Call our firm today for assistance in bail hearings, and for information about posting bail, a bail bondsman or other bail-related matters.

If you have been arrested for possession for sale or transportation of narcotics there may be a hold on you bail. Under Penal Code Section 1275, the prosecutor may place a hold on your bail and force you to prove that the bail money comes from a legal source. Many lawyers do not understand this process and have never done it before. 1275 holds may also occur in the case of theft or fraud charges. If you have a problem with a 1275 hold on your bail, call a lawyer with the experience to handle it.