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4/10/10 A Day to Celebrate With a Doctor Visit

April 20th has long been a day that has been celebrated by marijuana smokers and 2010 seems to be no exception. I recommend that the day be celebrated by a visit to one’s doctor who can provide the 4/20 aficionado with a medical recommendation for the lawful use of marijuana.

Marijuana has long been thought to be medically beneficial for a variety of ailments. I you are one suffering from almost any medical condition, you might seek a doctor’s recommendation for marijuana. Once you receive such a “prescription” then it is truly time to celebrate. However, until then, smoking marijuana is still illegal.

Once you receive a medical recommendation, I suggest consulting an attorney or at least reading the the Attorney General’s Guideline for lawful marijuana possession. There are also many other good sources of information out there including The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws or NORML.

Remember, it’s still a crime to possess or use marijuana without a prescription and your prescription is not valid in many other states. Don’t give law enforcement a reason to search your person or property and never consent to a search without a warrant.

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