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Bling Ring Defendant Sentenced

In an uneventful sentencing hearing, so-called Bling-Ring defendant Jonathon Ajar was sentenced yesterday to a prison term of three years.  Ajar was alleged to be a fence for the thieves who burglarized the homes of various local celebrities.  Ajar was caught with a lot of stolen merchandise as well as drugs and some firearms in his home.

The prosecution and the defense attorney, Michael A. Goldstein of Sherman Oaks, agreed to a term of three years in exchange for Ajar’s plea.  Ajar was ordered transported forthwith to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to begin serving his time.  Under the law Ajar will be required to serve at least 50% of his sentence, less credit for the time he has already served.  I would anticipate Ajar to be released in about a year.  He will come out of prison on a three year grant of parole.  Should he violate his parole he could be sent back to prison to for violating parole.

Personally, I wish Mr. Ajar the best of luck.