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Ventura County Steps Up DUI and Driver’s License Enforcement

Surprise, surprise, surprise, Ventura County is stepping up its holiday DUI enforcement, but this year they are adding a new twist. Ventura County has started an undercover operation of following people into and out of court when they are suspected of driving on a suspended license.

For some years, the Los Angeles Police Department has been running a unit they call the H2O unit or the habitual traffic offender unit. These officers are part of the Valley or West Traffic Stations and actually perform undercover operations where they follow multiple drunk driving offenders to court, to their homes and their places of business. The officers often where plain clothes and drive unmarked cars. I frequently see H2O officers in Van Nuys and San Fernando Court.

Many years ago, certain judges in Los Angeles would order their own courtroom bailiffs to follow suspects out to the court parking lots to see if defendants drove away after being ordered not to do so. This practice was shut down as the judges are ethically bound to stay neutral and not act as prosecutors and police as well as maintaining their roles as neutral judges.

It seems that Ventura County has picked up on the practice and starting with an operation by the Oxnard Police Department is running an undercover operation in and around the Ventura County Superior Court. So, if you or someone you know is going to court in Los Angeles or Ventura County and they do not have a valid license, please don’t drive! Driving on a suspended license is a misdemeanor and could land you in jail and in violation of any grant of probation you may already be facing. Your car could be impounded and held for thirty days at your expense and you could face stiff fines and two more points on your driving record.

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