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Van Nuys Residental Burglary Felony Charges Dismissed!

I just had another huge victory in Van Nuys Court.  My client was charged with residential burglary.  That is a felony.  That is a strike.  That is a presumed prison sentence.  I just got all charges dismissed in Superior Court in Van Nuys.

The case went down like this:   A young woman called 911 after she heard a prowler outside her window at 3 a.m.  The police came out and didn’t find any suspects but did find the window screen removed from her exterior window.  Police called out their forensic team and they took photographs and lifted fingerprints.  My client’s fingerprints were all over this window.  He was arrested and charged with residential burglary.

The public defender initially had the case.  The client was not happy with the service he was getting, so he hired me.  I conducted a very thorough investigation.  I interviewed multiple witnesses and conducted a lengthy preliminary hearing.  Once in superior court, I convinced the district attorney to have his detective re-examine the evidence, including the results of my investigation.  After discussing the case with the detective, both the DA and the detective came to the conclusion that there was no way they could prove their case at trial.  The case was dismissed outright, and my client was a free man.

Investigation is critical to success in criminal defense.  Sometimes it takes a bit of effort on the part of the lawyer and the investigation team.  Sometimes it costs money to hire the right investigator or expert witnesses.  But getting a case dismissed before trial is a bargain compared to the expense and risk of going forward with a jury trial.

If you or someone close to you is charged with a crime, call a lawyer who loves to be a hero.  Call a lawyer that does criminal defense every day for over twenty years.

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