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Man Arrested for Dog Cruelty in El Segundo

In what appears to be a premeditated case of doggie homicide, a Sherman Oaks, California man was recently charged with animal cruelty after he allegedly ran over the dog owned by his estranged wife. Michael David Parker was arrested in January on felony charges of animal cruelty and his case was recently filed after investigators were able to get their hands on some surveillance video. The video allegedly shows Parker taking the Chihuahua to the alley behind the owner’s home and placing the dog on the ground. Parker is then described backing his car up and intentionally driving over the dog, killing it.

Authorities have released Parker on bail while his case is pending. The case is court at Los Angeles Superior Court’s Airport courthouse. Parker faces felony animal cruelty charges and if, convicted could go to prison for up to five years, or be placed on probation and face local jail time or other punishments.

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