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Burglary Suspects Arrested Hitchhiking in Camarillo

Two men were arrested yesterday in Camarillo after they were scene trying to hitchhike in the area of Ventura County between Camarillo and Moorpark along Santa Rosa Road. They were “spotted” by an off duty sheriff’s deputy who reported their presence to additional authorities. Sheriff’s units converged on the two men who were suspects in an earlier residential burglarywhich lead to the suspects leading police on a long chase through extensive open land in the area. The two men were last observed in the area of Leisure Village in Camarillo. I suppose the 19 and 21 year old African American men were trying to camouflage themselves with the many similar looking individuals in the Ventura County retirement community.

Police who were utilizing K-9’s, a helicopter, detectives and patrol resources lost the suspects earlier in the day after they entered the area of Leisure Village. It was not until about 10 p.m. that night when the suspects were spotted again by the off duty deputy. The men were then arrested without incident when they were spotted trying to hitch a ride out of town. The care they were driving earlier in the day was crashed and left wrecked during the police pursuit.

The two men were booked at the Ventura County main jail and are being held on charges of residential burglary and evading arrest. Their bail was set at $50,000 each and they will be arraigned at 1;30 p.m. on Monday. It is unknown whether or not either man has a criminal history, but based upon the day’s events I would guess they might.

If convicted the two men face more than 6 years in state prison. A conviction for this type of offense is a strike under California’s Three Strikes law and the time would be served in state prison, not in county jail. Good luck gentlemen.

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