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Veteran DC Police Officer Arrested for Child Pornography

A 7 year veteran Washington DC police officer was arrested yesterday after a report was filed that he took naked pictures of a 15 year old girl. Earlier in the month he girl had been reported as a runaway by her mother. The police officer who took the report was the same man who was arrested, Marc Washington. Washington’s arrest was made after DC police indicated they found other photographs of allegedly under age females on his telephone.

Police also interviewed the 15 year olds mother. Mom said officer Washington also took her call when she phoned the station to tell police her daughter was back home. After getting the mother’s call Washington went to the caller’s home and requested a private room take photos of the 15 year old. The allegations state that Washington requested the girl take off her shirt, pants and undergarments for identifying photographs.

DC police sent internal affairs and crimes against children detectives out to effect the arrest of Washington. The arrest occurred without incident. As of the date of this article, Washington has not been formally charged. He will likely face charges of possession of child pornography, annoying or molesting children and possibly other charges. He will face potential prison time and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

DC police Chief Cathy Lanier initially commented about the great deal of time and effort her department puts into the screening process when they hire police officers. I wonder if Chief Lanier was involved in hiring officer Washington? Maybe if she spent more time screening her officers and less time trying to cover her six bother her city and her department would be better off.

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