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Ventura Man Arrested for Marijuana Cultivation…Again

The threat of jail and deportation was not enough to deter Ricardo Valencia from allegedly tending to over 6,000 marijuana plants shortly after his conviction and deportation for similar conduct. Valencia, 36 was being investigated by Ventura County law enforcement based on his prior conduct. A search warrant execution yielded $5,000 in cash, two firearms and various other indicia of marijuana cultivation. The sheriffs searched at least three different locations and seized over 6,000 growing marijuana plants.

For those of us who are not counting, that’s a couple more than the attorney general says we can have.

It appears that Valencia will be in custody for a little while as his bail was set at $500,000. That’s very high bail by Ventura County standards.

Authorities said Valencia was deported after serving his time on his last case. Remember that Ventura County started the program of staffing the county jail with an immigration officer with the intent of deporting criminal aliens after they serve their jail time. Today most all county jails in California conduct immigration checks on inmates prior to their release.

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