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Two Ventura County People Arrested for Bath Salts

Two people were arrested last week in Simi Valley, California after investigators found Methylone with an estimated street value of over $400,000 at the homes of Aaron Lieberman age 23 and his girlfriend Samantha Brand, 22, both residents of Ventura County. Ventura County Sheriff’s officials suspect that the two suspects were the source of most of the ecstasy and bath salts being supplied to the East side of Ventura County including Simi Valley and The West side of Los Angeles County including the San Fernando Valley.

Typically known as bath salts, the drug has become increasingly popular in recent months as it has been sold over the counter in stores and shops. The drug has been known to cause very serious side effects of hallucinations and even death to mostly young users of the products. Regulation and prosecution of the use and sales has increased in recent years with Ventura County officials taking the use and sale of the products very seriously.

Lieberman was arrested after allegedly selling one and one half pounds of methylone to an undercover agent and is presently being held in Ventura County jail with bail set at $350,000. Brand has been released on bail and both have court dates pending.

Investigators with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department indicated that they found over $40,000 in case when they searched the subjects’ homes. Detectives indicated the products were imported from China and sold here in Ventura County.

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