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Two Mexican Nationals Arrested With Stolen Target Information

Two Mexican nationals were arrested yesterday at the United States/Mexico border in Texas after they were found carrying 90 fraudulent credit or debit cards which are suspected to be part of the huge theft of information from United States Target stores. Police officers conducted a search of the two individuals and later found 22 more cards. I am not a math major, but that seems to leave about 109 million or so cards still out there.

Federal authorities including the United States Secret Service, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and banking investigators indicated to the press that “it is too early to say” whether authorities were looking for other suspects. Of course they are. This was a massive theft of financial information that will likely be investigated for many more months if not years. Hopefully the economic fallout from this theft will not affect individual victims as much as it will Target itself, its bank or other banks that can actually afford to take a large financial hit.

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