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Two LAX Workers Arrested for Explosive Devices

Two Los Angeles International Airport workers were arrested within two days of each other after several dry ice bombs reportedly exploded at locations inside the airport property. First arrested was Dicarlo Bennett a ground service worker for a company called Servisair. Two days later, Bennett’s own supervisor, Miguel Angel Iniguez, was arrested. Bennett was arrested for actually blowing up the so called “dry-ice” bombs, while Iniguez was arrested after a suspected dry ice bomb was recovered without exploding.

Both men face up to six years in state prison. Both men face charges which do not allow probation or suspended prison sentences. This means, that should either man be convicted of the crimes of possession of destructive devices or actually detonating the devices, they face terms in prison. Both men are in jail in lieu of bail set at $500,000. This is standard bail for the arrest charges.

Los Angeles police indicated that Bennett told them he ignited the devices for amusement purposes only and had no intent to injure anyone. Neither man was suspected of being a terrorist or seeking to actually injure anyone. While dry ice may seem innocuous to some, trained personnel understand that the chemical is actually highly volatile and can cause serious damage when it is placed in a confined space and causes an explosion based upon the pressure that develops as the chemicals expand. Dry ice is not a toy and these charges are very serious. The incidents caused closures at Los Angeles International Airport, increased security and lengthy delays.

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