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Topless Activist Jailed and on Hunger Strike

Topless Activist Jailed and on Hunger StrikeTopless Activist to Die in Jail? Not Likely.

Phoenix Feeley is in jail in Monmouth County New Jersey for not paying a fine she was assessed back in 2008 after she was cited for going topless in a lakeshore area. Who is Phoenix Feeley you ask? And why is this lawyer in California blogging about her? Feeley is described in the media as a “topless activist”, although my career counselor never gave me that category as a potential career choice. Maybe she didn’t think I had the body for it. In any event, Phoenix refused to pay her fine and was jailed for 16 days as a result of her actions. Thereafter Feeley gained national headlines when she decided to go on a hunger strike because she said the food in jail was, “…worse than McDonald’s”.

Frankly, I hope the food in jail is worse than McDonald’s. If the food as good as McDonald’s I image a great percentage of the American public would be happy to be getting meals in jail. Many of us have heard the expression, “three hots and a cot” meaning three meals per day and a bed to sleep in while in jail. If the accommodations in jail are too comfortable, people will not want to leave. The food in jail should be eatable but it does not need to be good. The accommodations in jail should be humane, but they need not be comfortable.

Feeley told the Municipal Court Judge in Monmouth County that he was giving her a death sentence by sending her to jail for 16 days. Her death would presumably be caused by her voluntary starvation. She further indicated she was appealing his ruling to the Supreme Court. Good luck in your appeal Ms. Feeley. And please keep up your good work as a topless activist. I do see the value in such work.

By the way, there is a nice new Four Seasons hotel near my home. They have beautifully appointed rooms, a pool, spa and several nice restaurants. You should check it out once you are out of custody. But remember, this is Ventura County, so please keep your shirt on.

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