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To blow or not to blow

A new law in France is making it compulsory for all drivers in France, including tourists, to carry a breathalyzer kit in their vehicles or face a fine.

It is the latest move by the government aimed at bringing down the number of road deaths caused by alcohol. The government reasoned that the new law would make some people think twice before getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking. Drivers who suspect they may be over the limit, can test themselves.

Motorists driving without the breathalyzer test kit after the November 1 date, will be handed a fine of 11 euros. The kits come in two types: expensive electronic ones which can be reused; and cheap chemical ones that cost about 1 or 2 euros.

All motorists must also have with them a high-visibility safety vest and a warning triangle.

The legal drinking limit in France is .05% blood alcohol content, which is about two 6 oz. glasses of wine. The legal limit in the US and Britain is.08%.

To enforce the regulations, French police say they plan to carry out random checks on those entering the country through the Channel Tunnel, as well as drivers arriving on ferries.

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