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Three charged in Killing Westlake Church Deacon Outside His Church

Two more people were arrested and charged with the murder of a local church deacon after a shooting erupted outside the Westlake area church. One man and two women have been arrested and charged with murder of Andres Ordonez after Ordonez and several other parishioners allegedly confronted vandals spray painting the walls of their church. After Ordonez contacted the individuals, another person was said to have emerged from a car and began shooting at the victims, killing Ordonez and wounding another person.

Pedro Martinez, Ivy Navarrette and Janeth Lopez have all been arrested and charged with murder as well as attempted murder. If convicted of these charges, the three people face at least 50 yers to life in the state prison.

Victim Ordonez is described as being a long time resident of the area who works as a local cook and who has been attending the church since age ten. He is survived by a wife and a young child with another child on the way.

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