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Thousand Oaks DUI Checkpoint Tonight

DUI Checkpoint in Thousand Oaks Tonight

The Ventura County Star reports today that officers from the Thousand Oaks Police Department (Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputies) will be conducting a DUI/sobriety checkpoint tonight from 9 p.m. until tomorrow at 3 a.m. The purpose of the checkpoint is to look for people driving under the influence of alcohol and to check for driver’s licenses.

Don’t give the cops a reason to pull you over. If you are out in Thousand Oaks tonight, don’t drink. Make sure your driver’s license is valid and in your possession and make sure that your vehicle is in proper working order. I just found out yesterday that unbeknownst to me, my vehicle registration was expired. This is a reason for police to pull over my car, any time of the day or night and conduct further investigation. Don’t give the cops this kind of chance. Make sure your tags are current, all your lights are working, there’s nothing hanging from your rearview mirror, no tinting on your front side windows, you have a front license plate, there aren’t any cracks in your windshield, there is no tow hitch obstructing your license plate in back and you have a license plate in front…The list is long.

Under California law police are supposed to notify the public about when and where they will be setting up DUI checkpoints. The purpose of this is to warn people ahead of time and try and prevent drunk driving before it happens. Somehow, especially around here in Ventura County, the warnings seem to get buried along with other 4th amendment rights. So, here is my warning: Don’t drink and drive. I don’t need the money that badly. Try Uber, take a cab or even treat yourself to a limo if you plan to go out drinking. Have fun out there, but be careful, and most of all remember, don’t give the pricks the satisfaction!

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