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Thorough Investigation Wins Criminal Cases

When I first meet with a client (AH) to discuss his case, I never know what the outcome of the case was going to be. I usually have an idea of a likely outcome, high hopes for a positive outcome and the client’s idea of a desired outcome. What I do know is that many criminal cases require investigation by the defense. This usually requires utilizing an experienced private investigator.

One of the problems with hiring a good PI is that they are expensive. Client’s often often don’t have or don’t want to spend extra money to pay the PI, especially after paying a defense attorney. However, sometimes spending a few hundred, or sometimes a few thousand dollars on investigation can be invaluable.

AH came to me several months ago regarding felony charges of furnishing narcotics to a minor and possession of narcotics. Like many of my clients, AH had an explanation of who the drugs actually belonged to. I didn’t believe him, but that doesn’t matter. I did my job, as I always do, and had my investigator go out and interview (in person and on tape) the subject that my client told me would take responsibility for the narcotics.

It should be noted that this interview took place after the preliminary examination where this same witness testified for the prosecution and hurt my client’s case. Nonetheless, we got her on tape. And, much to my surprise, she took responsibility for the drugs and indicated that AH did not furnish drugs to her. In fact, she gave details that could really get her into trouble. I also had the witnesses father interviewed. He was present for some of the arrest and field interview.

I submitted the tapes and my investigators full report the prosecutor who agreed to dismiss all charges after reviewing the new evidence.

Investigations often pay off for the defense, and even if they don’t any information obtained is confidential.

My main investigator, Donald Tabak, is a retired LAPD robbery homicide detective with years of experience. Call me or e-mail me for his contact information.