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The Real Encino Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Real Encino Criminal Defense Attorney

They say you are truly “from a place” when you have kids who are born there.  If that is the case, I am the true Encino Criminal Defense Lawyer.  Being born and raised in Encino, California does make me better equipped to handle criminal and DUI defense cases in Encino, Van Nuys and San Fernando.  Unlike many law firms who hire full time content writers and IT professionals, every blog on my site was written by me.  Every review about my work on the internet was written by a client, not someone I paid.  Well, all but one.  That one was written by a crazy woman who never hired me.

Being born, growing up and living in the area in which I practice gives me a better understanding of the locations of my cases, the complexity of my cases and sometimes even the potential defenses for my cases.  Clients call me regularly and talk about the facts of their cases.  They are often surprised when I am able to describe to them the scene of their arrest better than they are able to describe it themselves.  This comes from many years of practicing law in the same community.  This comes from many years of living where I work.  This intimate knowledge of the community almost always helps my clients.  One great example of this was a DUI arrest which occurred on the 405 Freeway near Burbank Boulevard.  The police report described the scene as well lit, flat and smooth.  Upon investigation, it was very dark, filthy and littered with glass and other debris and garbage, a mix of uneven blacktop and packed dirt that trailed down into a very steep slope.  When you combine this with freeway traffic travelling by at high speeds with bright lights on, this helps to explain why my client is alleged to have “performed poorly” on his field sobriety tests.  Next, I got the MVARS from the CHP car – the onboard video and audio recordings of the incident.  When I listened to the recordings, it sounded like a wind tunnel.  There were cars racing by the scene and bright lights flashing on my client and then going away.  Of course, the officer stated in his police report that my client “failed to perform the FST’s as explained and demonstrated”, this is because he couldn’t hear half the instructions the cop gave him over sound of cars whizzing by on the side of the freeway.  He was periodically blinded by car headlights and then left in the dark to resume his field testing.

And yes, my thorough review of the discovery, my investigation into the case and my knowledge of the geographical area did result in a reduction of the charges for my client.  This is simply one example why client’s should hire a real Encino criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the job and the location.  If you want more examples of why you should hire me and not some guy with the entire Penal Code spelled out on his website, call me:

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