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Ten Ways to Avoid a DUI Arrest this Father’s Day Weekend


  1. Drink on an Island. Did you know they don’t allow cars on Catalina Island? They do have electric golf carts, so you may still have to be careful.
  2. Fly somewhere. From Burbank Airport you can get to some really great spots for about $100. Vegas and San Francisco are both only about an hour away.
  3. Try walking to dinner (or drinks). I’m from Los Angeles too, but I know it’s possible to walk to dinner. You might even get some exercise.
  4. Drink at home. Have a BBQ in the yard. Make friends with a neighbor…It’s actually pretty easy to do if you bring the drinks.
  5. Hire a driver. Treat your significant other to a limo or try Uber. I know this is an added expense but the minimum fine for a DUI in California is about $2,000.
  6. Don’t drink? Nah, moving on…
  7. Be the designated driver. No, this isn’t my first choice either, but we all have to take one for the team once in a while. Besides, it might pay off in other ways when you get home safely later that night.
  8. Take the Amtrak. Really. It’s fun. Try San Diego or Santa Barbara. Again, if you don’t have a car you can’t drink and drive.
  9. Go camping. Yes, really. Try it, you might like it, especially if you bring friends, and beer or friends with beer.
  10. Take a weekend cruise. There are some very affordable 2 or 3 day cruises out of Long Beach or San Pedro. Do you sense a “leave your car at home” theme here?

The final way to avoid a DUI this Labor Day weekend is to hire the right criminal defense lawyer. If you or someone you care about has been arrested for DUI or any other crime, call me: Attorney Jeffrey Vallens (818) 783-5700 or (888) 764-4340.

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Happy Father’s Day!  Stay safe and be the best dad you can be.