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Suspected Urban Terrorists Arrested in Hemet

Hemet, California Police announced the arrests of two men on Saturday in connection with the recent urban terrorism against the City of Hemet and the Hemet, California Police Department.  A joint task for of city, county and federal law enforcement arrested Nicholas Smit of Hemet, and Steven Hansen of Homeland, California.  Smit was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer and other charges.  Hansen is said to be a convicted arsonist who was arrested for a parole violation.

These arrests followed six months of urban terrorism against the City of Hemet and Hemet Police which included multiple acts of arson and setting of booby traps which were potentially lethal.  The most recent fire was set just one week ago involving arson damage to a Hemet Police Department building.

Police had suspected that the acts were the work of a white supremacist or other criminal street gang. This has yet to be determined.

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