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Suitcases Aren’t Just for Luggage Anymore

The body of a dead woman was found recently at a Poway, California motel room. The body was found stuffed into a three foot suitcase which was left in a motel roomed. In case you were curious the woman was described by authorities as being 5′ 2″ inches tall, making the suitcase a potential hiding spot for the petite woman. The suspect in the crime, Joseph Dorsey, has been charged with killing his (now former) girlfriend, Christine Stewart. Steward, a 47 year old woman from Canyon Lake, California was thought by authorities to have been at Dorsey’s home prior to her death.

Riverside County Sheriff’s investigators are searching for Dorsey who had maintained an apartment in Lake Elsinore, California. Sheriff’s are asking anyone with information to contact their homicide detectives to help out with the investigation. Please visit the Riverside Sheriff for more information.

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