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Studio City Man Arrested for Identity Theft

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man in Studio City foridentity theft after allegedly took a new Porsche from a local auto leasing company and apparently used the Underhill’s credit card to pay for it. Andrew Foley Parker III was found at his home along with some 6,000 blank credit cards, fake driver’s licenses and I.D. cards. The Sheriff’s department says the “potential” losses could be huge, but gives no facts to support that statement.

Identity theft is a very popular crime these days. Identity theft occurs in a variety of ways from the simply theft of identifying information of another to complex schemes which may involve making and selling credit cards and I.D’s. In Parker’s case, the sheriff is still seeking information about the facts of the case which often means that they do not have a lot of information yet.

In Los Angeles County crimes involving identity theft are taken very seriously and they are normally considered to be “presumed prison” cases. This means that when one is convicted of felony identity theft the prosecutor is seeking a prison term as opposed to probationary sentencing. In Parker’s case, there is already a significant financial loss, as once he drove off the dealer’s lot in his new Porsche, the value of the car diminished greatly. With a large financial loss, there is a higher likelihood of a stiff sentence.

The local news reported that Parker’s wife recently gave birth to their child. If this is so, I extend my congratulations. Maybe this is the reason for the 4 door Porsche as opposed to the 911. Good luck.

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