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Stolen Van Contained Family Dog Too

When Mateo and his family returned to the car it was gone as was their ten year family pet. Police recovered the vehicle two days later with the dog still in the back. Only now the dog was dead of dehydration. Mateo and his family were devastated by the loss of their pet.

The suspect, transient Danny Fis was arrested for felony animal cruelty – and I assume, grand theft auto and was being held in lieu of $45,000 bail. When asked by reporters gathered at the scene of the arrest if he knew the dog was in the car he nodded in the affirmative.

As a defense attorney I am required to keep an open mind and do everything I can to advocate for my clients. I do my best to do this with each and every client. Sometimes I am disturbed by certain sets of facts to the point where I am unable to represent certain clients for any fee.

Mr. Fis, you fat slob, you disgust me on so many levels. Could you have let the dog out of the van? Could you have given the dog some water? But yes, even you are entitled to be represented by a lawyer. And this is why there are public defenders. Good luck with yours. And, yes, that was sarcasm because you are not likely bright enough to catch it.

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