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Sports Legend Al Michaels Arrested for DUI in Santa Monica

Sports Icon Al Michaels was arrested Friday night in Santa Monica, California for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). Authorities said the legendary sportscaster made an illegal u-turn near the area of a DUI checkpoint that the police had set up in Santa Monica. No doubt one of the chase vehicles caught Michaels as he was trying to avoid the checkpoint.

California law requires that DUI checkpoints have an escape avenue or potential turn out for drivers to avoid being forced to drive into the checkpoint. However, as a practical matter, law enforcement always has chase vehicles set up to pull over any car that actually is successful in avoiding the checkpoint. Here, it sounds like Michaels may have seen the checkpoint and executed a u-turn to try to avoid it. It seems he forgot that mid block u-turns are not legal in business districts.

Police described Michaels as having slurred speech prior to his arrest. I’m sure further examination of a police report will likewise indicate red and watery eyes, flushed face, odor of alcoholic beverage and let’s not forget the ever popular “unsteady gait”.

Michael’s was released with a citation to appear in court in June. He will likely face charges of misdemeanor DUI. He will likely face probation, a fine, an alcohol education school, license revocation and here in Los Angeles County, the dreaded ignition interlock device.

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