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Son of Ventura County Judge Arrested in Seal Beach

Arturo Gutierrez III was arrested in Seal Beach yesterday after allegedly trying to meet an under age female for sexual purposes. Art is a well known young criminal defense attorney in Ventura County and the son of the Honorable Arturo Gutierrez II, a retired Ventura County Judge and former veteran deputy public defender in Ventura County.

It is alleged that Art Junior was caught up in a police task force who were investigating the online chat of a juvenile female in Orange County. She was said to have been communicating with several different men and the task force took over and set up a meet with Art. Art seems to have fallen for the law enforcement trap and drove to Orange County to meet with a girl.

The task force arrested Art and served a search warrant at his home in Oak View, Ventura County. There, police describe finding more stuff that may tend to support their case.

To Art and his family who have proudly served the County of Ventura for many years, I wish you the best of luck in this difficult situation. And to everyone else, please remember that we are all innocent unless and until we are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. And, if you or someone you love has been arrested, remember that we all have certain Constitutional Rights. We have the right to remain silent and the right to be represented by an attorney of our choice, Please exercise these rights. Do not talk to the police without your lawyer present.

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