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Santa Ana Woman Arrested After Chaining Up 10 Year Old

Every once in a while a story just catches my warped sense of humor, like when the Riverside County woman’s body was found in a suitcase. I was struck again today when I read about the woman in Orange County arrested for child cruelty after she allegedly left her 10 year old boys legs chained up when she went out of the house. Child cruelty or child endangerment are often charges that I see over or improperly used. Here, it seems right on target.

Santa Ana police got a report from a neighbor that the boy was chained up inside the house. Police investigated and found what appeared to be the 10 year old boy bound with chains about his legs. Police indicated the purpose of the chaining was said to be so the boy could not get out of the house while his mother was away. The mother indicated the ten year old was known to stay out after dark and get into trouble.

Arrested in Santa Ana was one Irma Navarro, mother of three, including the chained boy. The three children were placed in protective custody pending investigation. The Associated Press who wrote the article indicated that it was not immediately known if the suspect had an attorney. I suggest that if she could afford an attorney, she would have been able to afford a baby sitter for the 10 year old.

Conviction for this type of offense requires a minimum of four years of probation and one year of parenting classes. I suggest that in this instance a year is not enough. Good luck Irma, it sounds like you will need it. or