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The San Fernando Valley is a big place.  It’s so big that it actually has two criminal courthouses.  Some counties, like Ventura, only have one courthouse for the entire county.  The San Fernando Courthouse handles misdemeanors and felonies which occur in the San Fernando Valley, to the North of Roscoe Boulevard and South of the 210 Freeway.  This includes all of Chatsworth, Granada Hills, Northridge, Sylmar, Porter Ranch, and even the city of San Fernando.  The Los Angeles City Attorney handles the misdemeanors within the City of Los Angeles and the District Attorney handles all the felonies and the misdemeanors which were committed on County property or in the City of San Fernando.

Much like its sister court in Van Nuys, the “North Valley” District is a massively populated area.  It services LAPD Topanga station, Devonshire station, Foothill station, one half of LAPD’s Valley Traffic Division (DUI Task Force, H2O Unit, Traffic collisions and Hit and Runs) as well as the San Fernando Police Department.  It also receives cases from the 405 Freeway, the 118 Freeway, the 170 Freeway.  It’s almost hard to believe that so many criminal cases get funneled through one courthouse.

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