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Proposition 19 to Legalize Marijuana is Losing Ground

Proposition 19, California’s initiative to legalize the possession, growth and use of marijuana by people over 21 is losing ground according to the latest Field Poll.  The latest poll shows that more potential voters are likely to oppose it than support it.

The poll goes on to show that the division appears to be on ethnic lines.  While more white voters support the legalization, black, hispanic and asian voters tend to be against it.

Let’s wake up our pot smoking friends and get on the move.  Maybe we should offer brownies to people if they show us their “I voted” stickers.  For the non-pot smokers, just think about the money we could make taxing the lawful sale of marijuana.  For those of us really concerned about this measure, I would encourage you to contact  NORML.

Either way you vote, please get out and vote.  If you have questions about this or any other criminal matter, contact me: