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Pot Bust Near Pyramid Lake

Ventura County law enforcement busted seven people and confiscated an estimated 130 pounds of marijuana in a farm-like setup near Pyramid Lake in the Los Padres national forest. Sheriff’s officials described a temporary camp-like setting where workers were using public land and water to cultivate there marijuana. Upon inspecting the area deputies found camping gear and food which apparently belonged to the marijuana growers. Police then discovered the drying marijuana plants and seized them. Shortly thereafter police located seven men a short distance from the camp. Unable to elude sheriff’s deputies the suspects found themselves at the edge of a cliff and were apprehended.

Cultivating marijuana has long been known to occur on public lands such as this incident. However, this conduct is most often seen in the open forested lands of Northern California. In more suburban Southern California this type of activity is much less common. Government owned land actually accounts for the majority of the land in the State of California with agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management overseeing much of it. Such agencies lack the resources to inspect every inch of their vast property such that drug cultivators can take advantage of the vast open spaces for illegal activity.

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