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Poaching Doesn’t Pay

Here in Southern California we don’t hear a great deal about poaching unless we are in a delicatessen. Here we poach egg and maybe some fish, but poaching is a serious crime in other parts of the state and the country. Also a crime is possessing a fraudulent fishing license, especially after your own license has been revoked for the rest of your life. That’s what happened to Nai Choy Saelee, a 30 year old man from Sacramento. Back in 2010 his fishing license was revoked for life after he was convicted in a Sacramento county court for poaching and then selling abalone.

Poaching is defined as illegally taking or killing animals. I am not talking about starving in the desert and killing an animal for food. Typically poaching is done for profit. Some animals can be sold for meat or other body parts such as tusks or antlers and some are just taken for prize. Either way, it is not legal to kill certain animals and fish. Some animals and fish can only be killed with a license, and even then, it must be done in an acceptable manner and during a designated hunting season.

Illegal poaching and fishing is a crime, often times punishable by jail time and or a fine and confiscation of fishing or hunting gear. In this case, the punishment included a lifetime prohibition on obtaining a fishing license. This is why Saelee was using his brother’s name to get a license. I think Mr. Saelee needs to find a new line of work. Maybe he can get a job on a fishing boat or something.

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