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Orange County Man Charged In Extortion of Sexually Explicit Images

Luis Mijangos, a paraplegic man from Orange County was arrested and charged with multiple counts of violating federal laws as he extorted sexually explicit images from women and girls in the Southland.  Federal authorities allege that he utilizes software to gather photos or video from the victims.  He then emails the victims and threatens to expose the photos publicly.

Interestingly, instead of asking for money, he asks his victims to send him additional sexually explicit photos and video.  It appears that many of his victims did what he asked.  When authorities searched Mijangos’ home they found dozens of videos from web cameras showing sexually explicit footage.  In fact, authorities said he continued to engage in criminal conduct even after police searched his home.  I guess he liked his home movies a lot.

In contacting his victims Mr. Mijangos apparently used his own name in his email address.  This may have made him easier for authorities to find.  Also, had he sought money instead of nude pictures, he might be in a position to post his $10,000 bail and not be sitting in a federal jail cell.  I can’t imagine that being paraplegic and in jail is at all pleasant for him.

The Los Angeles office of the FBI appears to be conducting further investigation into this case and is seeking the public’s help.  I assume this means they are looking for more victims.