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Only on 4/20

Four men were arrested yesterday after they broke into a marijuana dispensary located in Laguna Hills. I suppose the high costs of medication caused them to become desperate. In their desperation they broke into a neighboring business and tunneled under ground and into the dispensary. They were said to have been in the process of burglarizing the business when they accidentally set off a recently added alarm system. Sheriff’s officials arrested the four men shortly after the alarm was set off. The business was burglarized a couple weeks ago and suffered a significant financial loss. This prompted the recent installation of an alarm system. The four men are apparently suspects in the prior burglary.

As a defense attorney, I am often looking for a defense position to try and benefit my client. In this case, the fact that it was April 20th might be beneficial. Maybe these fellows were just trying to advocate for the legalization of marijuana in some form or another? I’m not sure, but that still would not explain the prior break in. Maybe they started planning their campaign earlier and simply needed more supplies.

Good luck gentleman. Maybe the evidence will get “lost” before the case goes to trial. We can only hope.