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One-Eyed Gang member Arrested for Panorama City Double Murder

A one-eyed gang member whose street name is “Winky” was arrested yesterday after authorities linked him to a double murder in Panorama City, California. Police say Winky, or Angel Santana, and another suspect who is still at large, shot three peopleoutside a local 7-Eleven convenience store, killing two of the victims.

You might ask how a one-eyed shooter could be so effective with his disadvantage of having only one eye. In reality most people are trained to shoot with one eye closed, thus, giving Winky an advantage over other people who would have to adjust from using two eyes to only one.

Police are still looking for a second shooter related to this multiple homicide. LAPD Gang investigators said that early information led police to the one-eyed shooter who police located at a local motel. Information became blurry after that initial lead.

Now it’s time for a riddle:

How do you know if a one-eyed man is winking or blinking when he closes his good eye?

Answer: You don’t.

Murder is no joke, especially when double murder could carry the death penalty or at least life in prison without the possibility of parole. Likewise, your constitutional right to a lawyer and your right to a competent legal defense is not a game.

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