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Now is the Time to Reduce and Expunge Criminal History

Now is a Great Time to Reduce and Expunge

Times are tough.  There is no end in sight to our current world situation.  The job market is terrible, unemployment is high, rent has never been more expensive, and our criminal records are holding us back.

One of my clients just called me to tell me he was turned down for an apartment because of his felony conviction.  Another client told me his old boss offered him his job back if he could get his felony reduced to a misdemeanor.  Yet another was to be promoted at work if he could get his DUI expunged.

Clients often ask me how a criminal conviction is going to affect their ability to get a job in the future.  I am not a human resources manager.  I am a criminal defense lawyer. I can’t tell you what Disney or Amgen or WalMart are going to say if you have a criminal record and apply for a job.

What I can tell is simple:  If two people apply for the same job and they are both equally qualified for the job, which one gets the job?  The one with the criminal conviction or the one without?  The one with the felony or the one who got is felony reduced to a misdemeanor?  The one who expunged his conviction after successfully completing probation or the one who didn’t care enough to do it?

I can tell you which one I would hire in every case.  I can tell you why too.  I would hire the one who successfully completed probation.  I would hire the one who reduced his felony to a misdemeanor.  I would hire the one who cared enough to take the time and spend the $120 bucks to expunge his conviction.  It shows me initiative.  It shows me follow through.  It shows me someone who cares.  These are things I want in an employee.

But why is now a good time to deal with this stuff?  Jobs are scarce right now.  People are out of work like I have never seen in my life before.  Any job opportunities are going to people who are overqualified and overanxious.  Any reason to eliminate a job application is all it takes for your resume to end up in the round file.  Don’t give a potential employer any reason to toss your resume in favor of the next guy.

The process is fast and cost is modest.  The benefits can be unbelievable.  If you call me, I will offer you a free consultation and a free quote on what it will cost you.  Sometimes we can even get arrest records off your criminal history.  There are two ways to do this.  Ask me how.

Call a lawyer today and ask them about getting rid of your criminal history.  We can reduce many felonies to misdemeanors.  We can sometimes terminate probation early.  We can expunge convictions for many felonies and misdemeanors.  In short, we can give you a better chance to get hired, or promoted.

If you have questions about expungement, reductions from felonies to misdemeanors and even petitions for certificates of rehabilitation, call a veteran criminal defense lawyer who can help.

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