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Not One of the 65 People Who Gov. Brown Pardoned?

If you or one were not one of the 65 people on the list of those just pardoned by Governor last week, you should call me. One of the people who was pardoned Robert Phillip Brown who was convicted of murder in 1977. Brown spent a decade and a half behind bars before his release from custody. After leading an honest life and “exhibiting good moral character” he petitioned the court for a certificate of rehabilitation. The certificate of rehabiliatation, often referred to as an indirect pardon, is a court document which recommends to the Governor that the subject has been crime free for the requisite number of years and lead an honest life since their conviction. The certificate recommends, but does not compel, the Governor to grant the full pardon. In Brown’s case, the petition was granted by the court and the recommendation to the Governor was achieved. Governor Brown then followed the court recommendation and pardoned Mr. Brown, and not just because they have the same last name.

Robert Phillip Brown was one of a lucky few to receive this benefit, and maybe you or someone you love can do the same. If you have questions about a certificate of rehabilitation, a pardon or any other post-conviction relief including motions to reduce charges to misdemeanors, expungement or motions to vacate or withdraw a plea, please call me, Jeffrey Vallens (818) 783-5700 or email me or visit my websites: or