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Nitrous Task Force Arrests Ten Plus Guns and More

A task force of Federal Agents and Sheriff’s Deputies set out on a quest to bust illegal sales of nitrous oxide in a 15 month investigation. The results were ten arrests and the seizure of 13 guns, several magazines and some illegal ammunition.

The task force in Los Angeles and surrounding counties was intended to combat the increased abuse, often by minors, of nitrous oxide which can be purchased lawfully at auto parts stores. Dubbed, “No laughing matter” the investigation was said to be the largest law enforcement action ever conducted to deal with nitrous abuse.

I understand that nitrous can be dangerous and may have lead to several car accidents, rapes and even deaths, but a 15 month multi-agency investigation should lead to more than ten arrests after authorities raided at least 17 local auto parts stores and disrupted businesses and individuals trying to shop there.

Police did say they seized 640 nitrous tanks during the raids. I hope none of you were planning on starting the auto racing season early this year.

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