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Never Hire Your Lawyer Over the Internet

Never Hire a Lawyer Off the Internet

For years I have been saying the same thing over and over again. Never Hire a lawyer over the internet. Only hire a lawyer you were referred to by someone you trust. Talk to the actual lawyer your are going to hire, before hiring them.  Don’t hire a lawyer who spends all his time creating a huge internet site simply to gather clients.  Don’t talk to a sales rep, secretary, case manager or otherwise.  Even if the sales rep says they are a lawyer, they may not be your lawyer.  And, never hire a lawyer you haven’t met. Well, times they are a changing. I just refused my first meeting with a potential client. We are on lock-down. I had set this appointment two weeks ago. They were referred by a very close friend. They called to confirm their appointment and I told them “no”.

Instead, I offered to meet via videoconference or by phone. The clients chose to do a phone conference. Personally, I would have preferred video, but I agreed. The clients decided to hire me. This happened without an in-person meeting and I feel good about this. I would still like to meet my client in person, but I’m sure that will happen down the road, when it’s safe to do that.
The client was referred to me from another lawyer that his family has been doing business with for over a decade. That lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, is a personal friend and a business associate of mine for close to 2 decades. This was a trusted referral to the client and this is a trusted source to me. This, in conjunction with the current state of the world, is an acceptable time to hire a lawyer without meeting them in person.

I have skype and whatsapp on my phone. I have free video conference through my office telecommunication company. I am not a tech guy, but I can make this happen. What’s more, is that we can both actually feel good about it.  So if you or someone close to you has been arrested or is facing criminal charges including DUI, call me or email me. We can set up a video conference and have a virtual meeting. If you don’t have the technology to set this up, call me and I can likely help you to set it up. To set up a virtual meeting, call me:

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I look forward to virtually meeting you and actually helping you.  Remember, If you lawyer doesn’t have the time to meet with you before you hire them, they certainly won’t have time for you after you pay them.