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Moorpark Man Arrested for Illegal Dentistry

Officers said they investigated Escobar for about a month before obtaining the warrant. Why it took that long it beyond me, but upon entering his home police said they found a dental chair, medication, needles, material to perform orthodontics and more.

It seems “doctor” Escobar recommended that one of his patients have a tooth removed and when the patient told him he had no money, Escobar allegedly threatened the patient into to get paid. The patient took his complaints to law enforcement and blew the lid off the home dental practice.

If you are looking for affordable dental work police said Escobar was operating out of the 600 block of Spring Road in Moorpark, California, which should be easily accessible by train or car.

Escobar was released on bail and is set to appear in Ventura Superior Court on January 4, 2012 to be arraignment on multiple charges including practicing dentistry without a license and possession of hypodermic needles and illegal dispensing of medication.

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