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Medicare Fraud Suspect Arrested at LAX

One of Medicare’s most wanted fugitives was arrested today after he voluntarily flew back to Los Angeles from South Korea. Won Suk Lee, a Huntington Park acupuncturist, was said to have fraudulently billed Medicare over 2 million dollars for services which they do not cover. Lee is reported to have actually been paid over one million dollars for the services he billed.

My question is why did the government pay the bills for services which they are not supposed to cover? My hope is that the bills were in fact fraudulent bills which described services which should be covered by Medicare. It would be sad to think that the government paid out over one million dollars in payments for services they were not supposed to cover in the first place.

In any event, Mr. Lee was taken into federal custody at Los Angeles International Airport. He will be arraigned shortly on fraud charges. The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services attributes this arrest to their “Most Wanted” list which started two years ago and is described as aiding in the arrest of over 40 fugitives.

A spokesman from the health agency described his law enforcement section as a worldwide organization with an agent stationed full time at Interpol to assist in foreign investigations. For anyone who does not know, Interpol is the largest international police organization in the world with almost 200 member countries who participate in the group’s infrastructure. They too have a most wanted list that is worth a look.

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