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Man sentenced after killing and dismembering young boy

Levi Aron, 37, was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping, killing and dismembering an 8 year old boy in a tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn.

Aron admitted he kidnapped and killed 8 year old Leiby Letzky. Aron recounted that after the boy approached him and asked for directions. He promised the boy he would take him home, but instead he brought the boy to Monsey, New York, where he attended a wedding before bringing the boy back to his apartment. The two watched television before going to sleep. The next morning, Aron left for work at his hardware store job and left Leiby alone in his home. Aron admitted that he panicked when he noticed fliers about the missing boy and went home and drugged, bound and suffocated the boy.

Two days after the boy went missing, detectives found the boy’s severed feet, wrapped in plastic, in Aron’s freezer. A cutting board and three bloody carving knives were found in the refrigerator. The rest of the boy’s body was discovered in bags inside a red suitcase in a trash bin about a mile from Aron’s apartment. His legs had been cut from his toro.

Leiby’s family has filed a lawsuit against Aron’s father, who owned the building where the boy was killed. They argue that Aron’s father should have known something was amiss happening under his roof and could have saved the boy.

There were few people who attended the sentencing on Wednesday. Aron’s family did not attend, nor did Leiby’s family.

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