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LAPD Officer Arrested for DUI After Crash in Diamond Bar

A 29 year old Los Angeles Police Officer was arrested Friday for driving under the influence of alcohol after his car plunged off the 60 freeway in Diamond Bar. The car ended up in a McDonald’s restaurant drive through with its driver, Jonathon Chel trapped inside the car.

I’m not sure how many times I have said this, but I often tell my clients and potential clients, “Don’t give the pricks a reason to contact you”. When I say this I am normally referring to minor driving offenses like speeding, tinted windows, cracked windshields, expired registration and a litany of other minor offenses that can cause a car to get the attention of a law enforcement officer.

Driving you car off a freeway and crashing into a McDonalds is just the kind of thing that might tend to get the attention of law enforcement and is something that should be avoided if you are seeking to stay under the radar. This is just a suggestion to Mr. (officer) Chel and anyone seeking to avoid contact with the police.

Neighbors of the officer said he was a very nice fellow and very conscientious about other people drinking and driving. Officer Chel was transported by ambulance to UC Irvine Medical Center where he was arrested and treated for what was described as very serious injuries. I wish Officer Chel a speedy recovery.

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