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LA Sheriff’s Deputies Charged With Lying About An Arrest

After two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies were charged with the crime of filing false police reports after they lied about a drug arrest how come the same sheriff’s department is conducting further investigation about the incident? The man arrested by the deputies has since been set free and the two deputies, Robert Lindsey and Charles Rodriguez have been relieved of duty without pay. FYI, the without pay part does not sound good for these two. The two deputies were arrested Thursday, I assume by other sheriff’s deputies, and booked in lieu of bail to be posted by each of them.

Apparently, before the original criminal defendant was about to go to trial, his defense attorney produced a video tape that contradicted the deputies reports. The tape was turned over to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Department for “further investigation”. According to the Associated Press, the two deputies and their lawyers could not be reached for comments.

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