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Increase in DUI Patrols on the 118 Freeway

Expect to see extra CHP cruisers on the 118 freeway for the next year. The California Highway Patrol obtained a large grant to fund extra DUI patrols on State Highway 118. These funds will go toward extra patrols, overtime and support services for the Moorpark and West Valley CHP offices to combat drunk driving. The funds were awarded because the 118 freeway is said to be one of the top five most dangerous freeways in California for DUI related injuries and deaths.

CHP representatives say we should expect to see three to four times as many CHP patrol cars on the 118 during weekend evenings and holidays. In what the CHP has dubbed the “Arrive Alive” DUI corridor, officers expect to make substantially more DUI arrests with their added staffing. Also, with their added support services of dispatchers and support officers along with increased overtime pay for officers and supervisors, I would anticipate a significant increase in arrests.

The CHP reported that fatal collisions on the 118 have decreased substantially since the Moorpark CHP office opened in 2005, however DUI arrests remain high. Also, DUI related accidents are frequent on the 118 with one third of the fatal accidents being DUI related last year 66 injuries and six deaths were attributed to alcohol related traffic collisions.

Take a break from drinking for the night if you are going to be driving. Use a designated driver or take a cab instead of making a potentially deadly and costly decision. Listen to the CHP, listen to me, listen to your mother and Mother’s Against Drunk Driving , “Arrive Alive”, Please don’t drink and drive. Not even a little. Even small amounts of alcohol can impair our ability to safely drive a car. It’s true!

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