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If Lying for Sex Were a Crime Here, Many of Us Would be in Serious Trouble

I have been off for a while. This is because I have not seen many newsworthy articles to write about. Today I could not help myself. I read that a man in Israel was jailed for the crime of rape by deception. When I saw the headline, I had to read on. The facts indicate that a married Palestinian man has been jailed for 18 months for having sex with an Israeli woman because he lied to her to induce her into bed. He told her that he too was Israeli and that he was not married and, of course, looking for a commitment.

There were so many issues that entered my head when I read this article, I felt that I had to write about it. First, did you notice that this was a Palestinian man in Israel who was jailed for inducing a Jewish, Israeli woman to sleep with him? Would an Israeli man who was also Jewish have suffered the same punishment? As a Jewish lawyer, I feel a bit conflicted here, but, then again, nobody is paying my fees.

The woman originally accused the perpetrator of forcible rape. Authorities likely took this allegation seriously for that reason. As the case was investigated, it turned out that some thirty minutes after meeting each other, the two were consensually in bed together. However, the “victim” and I do use that term “loosely” says that she only slept with him because she thought he was an eligible Jewish single. Maybe if she spent a whole hour getting to know him, she would have seen through his act. Maybe she got what she deserved, or simply what she was out to get that day. Maybe one of her Jewish friends or relatives found out that she bedded a Palestinian and that is what triggered her complaint. I simply don’t know, but I am really interested in talking to “Dudu” and hearing about his technique. Thirty minutes is very impressive to me.

In any event, this law is said to have existed for decades in Israel where it originally was intended to protect poor women who were looking for low cost housing from corrupt men impersonating housing officials. It is not know to exist in any other country today.

Dudu, who’s real name is Saber Qasher, is still on house arrest awaiting an appeal.

Good luck Dudu. Next time think twice about bedding anyone who is a willing participant in the first thirty minutes…unless you are paying for it. And that’s only in places where paying for it legal. You can view the entire article.

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