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Hiring an Expert Criminal Defense Attorney

How do you know that the lawyer you are hiring is an expert at criminal defense?

There are a lot of highly competent lawyers in our community. How do we know that the lawyer we pay is the right lawyer for the job? We can start by checking his references on certain legal web sites. For example, Avvo or Justia list attorney profiles and attorney complaint as well as reviews by clients and by fellow lawyers. Read the reviews. If most of them aren’t good, you should probably be looking in another direction.

Has your lawyer ever been quoted by the media for a significant case or asked to comment about an important legal issue before the media or in litigation in court? If not, maybe they do not have the expertise that your case requires in order to obtain the best result. I was asked for my opinion on a recent case to be heard by the United States Supreme Court. I have been admitted to the United States Supreme Court for over ten years now, an achievement that many lawyers never obtain.

By contrast, does your lawyer spend all his time advertising and as a media consultant such that he or she is never in court anymore and his or her best days of litigation are actually behind them? To that end, you must ask your lawyer certain questions. Are you the lawyer who will actually be handling my case? Will you personally be going to court for me? If the answers to these questions are not “yes”, you may wish to find another lawyer.

I recently was hired by a new client in Ventura. She was referred to me by a business associate of mine who works in the insurance field. She told me before she hired me that her last experience with a lawyer was very negative. She went on to say that she “checked me out on Yelp and after looking at my reviews, felt comfortable enough to meet with me and ultimately hire me.

Remember, don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer questions. Don’t leave your common sense at the door when meeting with your lawyer. And, always do your research on your lawyer and your case before meeting with the lawyer.

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